Bring your team together and improve communication.
Connect with the best apps and stay up to date.


Communication is crucial to a successful project.
Integrate your Projects with Slack to increase transparency.


Link any project to a Slack channel of your choice with a click. Then stay up to date with relevant notifications or start conversations with your team.

Polydone Slack Channels


Get notified on Slack when tasks are created, updated or completed on Polydone, in real time with color-coded notifications. On desktop, tablet and mobile.

Polydone Slack Notifications


Integrate with the world’s most popular git-repositories management platform.
Increase transparency with your tech team and manage production visually.

Polydone GitHub Integration
Kanban Columns

Manage issues from a GitHub repo on a Kanban board.

Gantt Chart

Plan issues from a GitHub repo on a Gantt chart.

Polydone API Github push

Create, update and close GitHub issues directly from Polydone.

Real Time Polydone GitHub Sync

Real-time 2-way Sync® between GitHub and Polydone.

Polydone Privacy Permissions

Manage permissions directly from Polydone.

Polydone API Github pull

Automatically create Polydone tasks from GitHub issues.


Take control of your development with GitLab, the most innovative and flexible
git-management platform, in the Cloud or on your own servers.


Import your repositories from GitLab in a few clicks, then create, plan and track your issues directly from Polydone on a Kanban board or Gantt chart.

Polydone Integration Cloud


Concerned about privacy? Store your code on your own servers with GitLab Community and GitLab Enterprise.
Sync with Polydone and manage your repos visually.

Polydone GitLab Integration Enterprise Community

Polydone Features

With over 100 unique features, Polydone is the most powerful project management platform, with a beautiful and easy to use interface.

Smart Kanban

Polydone Smart Kanban

Daily Schedule

Polydone Daily Schedule

Gantt Chart

Polydone Gantt Chart

Progress Chart

Polydone Progress Chart

Team Performance

Polydone Team Performance

Projects Timeline

Projects Timeline

Project Dashboard

Polydone Project Dashboard


Polydone Notifications


Polydone Integrations
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