Accurate Estimates Project Management Polydone

Accurate Estimates

Polydone limits the maximum task size to one day, making overall project estimates much more accurate.

Agile Scrum Kanban Project Management Polydone

Smart Kanban Board

Polydone’s Kanban Board is unique in tracking the progress of every project, and in enabling you to use filters to find exactly the tasks you’re looking for.

Excel Table Project Management Polydone

Table View

Love Excel? Prefer seeing things in tabular form? You can also display your Polydone Kanban in table format to see more data in a single view.

Dependencies Project Management Polydone

Block Tasks

Let colleagues know when a task can’t progress at the moment. The “Block Tasks” feature also acts as a useful reminder for yourself.

Excel Import Tasks Project Management Polydone

Import from Excel

Save time by uploading thousands of tasks from an Excel spreadsheet with a single click.

Templates Standard Project Management Polydone


Re-usable templates mean there’s no need to start from scratch every time. Templates also retain valuable knowledge and create easier audit trails for compliance if needed.

Capacity Resource Managment Polydone


Who’s busy? Who’s not? Who’s working on what and when? Polydone answers all these questions so you can distribute workload evenly and see which client and projects time and money is being spent on.

Sprints Milestones Scrum Project Management Polydone


With Sprints, you can break down monolithic projects into achievable milestones, so you can focus on what’s important now while still monitoring overall progress.

Calendar Schedule Organize Project Management Polydone


Schedule tasks on a calendar to plan the week or month ahead, see clearly what’s happening and predict when tasks will be completed.

Timesheet Resource Management Project Management Polydone


No need to create them. Polydone generates timesheets automatically so no-one has to try to remember what they worked on last week.

Notifications Alerts Project Management Polydone


Notify colleagues instantly in tasks or conversations simply by using the @ symbol.

Attachments Files Documents Project Management Polydone


Attach files to your tasks to keep all documents in one place.

Permissions Security AWS Project Management Polydone


With 5 permission levels, everyone has access to what you need them to access.

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