Take the guesswork out of project estimates.
Plan, Track and Analyze your projects accurately, from a single place.

Plan Ahead

A successful project starts with a great plan.
Polydone offers you the right tools to plan and schedule with simplicity.

Gantt Chart

Each project features a sophisticated, yet easy to use, Gantt Chart (waterfall) that allows you to plan tasks over a period of time.

Polydone Gantt Chart


The Bird’s-eye view Timeline lets you see the status and completion of all your company’s projects at a glance from a single screen.

Polydone Projects Timeline

Track Progress

Accurate measurements are crucial in order to make adjustments and improvements to your projects before it’s too late.

Smart Kanban

Each project on Polydone comes with a Smart Kanban® that keeps track of the progress of tasks as you drag them around the board on differet columns.

Polydone Smart Kanban
Percentage Progress

Track completion progress with each “drag and drop”.

Kanban Columns

Adapt your Kanban board columns to the needs of each Project.

Image Preview

Preview attached images directly from the Kanban board.

Daily Schedule

Track past, present and future tasks across thousands of projects from a single page.
Multitasking has never been easier.

Polydone Daily Schedule
Track Time

Track how many hours you and your team work every day.

Drag and Drop

Easily drag and drop to reschedule tasks between days.

Save Time

Reduce “Standup” time by looking at tasks completed yesterday.

Advanced Tagging

Instantly find the tasks you’re looking for with Polydone’s advanced tagging system.
Use tags to identify bugs, milestones, departments and more.

Polydone Advanced Tagging

Analyze Performance

Analyze the progress of your projects and the performance of your team, while your projects are in progress or at the end as a retrospective.

Progress Chart

Find out the workload that is added to a project every day as new information is available, while keeping an eye on completion rate.

Polydone Analytics

Team Performance

From the Project’s Dashboard, keep track in real time, of your team performance, to improve productivity and success rate.

Polydone People Performance

Project Dashboard

Each project on Polydone features a comprehensive dashboard that lest you and your team get a sense of progress at any time.

Polydone Project Dashboard

End Estimate

Accurately estimate the end date of your Projects in real-time based on the Projects Tasks and your staff’s working hours.

Polydone Time Estimate

Cost Estimate

Automatically estimate the cost of your Projects in real-time based on the Projects Tasks and your staff’s salaries.

Polydone Cost Estimate
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Stay up to date with notifications about what matters the most to you.
With Emails, Slack and Desktop Notifications.


Connect Polydone with Slack, choose one channel per project and keep track of the activity in real time with color-coded notifications.

Polydone Slack Integration

Desktop Alerts

Simply turn on “push notifications” in your Settings to receive notifications about the latest activity right on your computer’s desktop browser.

Polydone Browser Notifications

Daily Reminder

Every morning, at 8am in your timezone, you’ll receive a beautiful and concise email about your tasks for the day.

Polydone Daily Digest


Connect your Projects with GitHub or GitLab.
Track bugs and issues directly from Polydone.

Polydone Integration GitHub
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