This is how Polydone was born, what our objective is now
and how it will evolve in the future.

Our mission came from frustration towards project management. We have been project managers ourselves, as well as software engineers and team collaborators for over fifteen years. We managed short and long projects, with small and big budgets, we helped many Fortune 10 bring their projects to completion and many startups grow along the way.

Our experience of working in both small and big companies has given us an understanding of the good, the bad and the ugly side of project management software.

Polydone was born out of the frustration of working on large projects across departments and the tedious daily administration that this involves. This friction should not play a part in the modern workplace but all too often it does.

One of the biggest cause of friction is that the tools each department uses are different and don’t talk to each other. Friction between tools leads to friction between employees and neither makes for a positive working environment.

One day, quite simply, enough was enough.

There just had to be a better way to improve collaboration between departments and ensure the smooth running of projects. We looked, believe us.

We looked for a solution to the problem but there was nothing out there that really hits the mark. The underlying mission of Polydone is to be a tool for all so that every department can make the most out of the tools they require to get the job done and make the whole process smooth and as friction-free as possible.

Project management tools are supposed to be the ultimate solution to workplace collaboration and workflow productivity. In practice, this just isn’t the case. From our experience of working with countless numbers of project management software, we encountered two common issues. The software was either too lean to provide any clear level of productivity, or else too feature-heavy and poorly executed, which kills usability. In both cases the outcome was, you guessed it, more workplace friction.

Our solution, Polydone, is a platform where everyone can collaborate on projects and non-project tasks. Our core platform will always remain flexible and simple to understand for ease of use and smooth project management.

We are the “Enterprise Productivity Platform”.

In the near future, we'll add Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Polydone with the objective to automate even further any process in your organization.
If you'd like to see what's coming next, please visit our roadmap page.

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