Project Management has never been so Easy

Everything you need to manage Projects & Resources
from a single, intuitive and automated platform.

"Through its innovative and intuitive platform, Polydone is radically improving how audit projects are managed at Deloitte."

Richard B. - Senior Auditor at Deloitte

Why Polydone

Save Time & Money

Reduce email chains, chasing colleagues and clients, streamline your projects, save time and money.

Predict Delivery

Say goodbye to rough estimates, accurately predict the outcome of projects, keep track of clients delays.

Stay Compliant

Ensure standard procedures and keep an audit trail of your projects and internal processes.

Manage Workflows

Create structured, reusable workflows for your projects.
Then manage approval chains and ensure quality output.

Polydone Workflows

Track Progress

View all your projects in real-time from a single page.
Identify the ones that need your attention.

Polydone Projects Timeline

Book Resources

View the availability of your staff in real-time.
Find the right resources and book them with a click.

Polydone Capacity

Analyze Performance

Automatic timesheets and reports means
no more time wasted on manual admin.

Polydone Analytics


We take the security of your data very seriously.

Polydone AWS Hosting

Your data is stored on AWS secure servers in the EU.

Polydone Security Encryption

All password are encrypted with hash and salt.

Polydone ISO-27001

Polydone servers are ISO-27001 certified.

Polydone Backup

Your data is automatically backed-up every 24h on our servers.

Polydone SSO

Polydone supports Single Sign On.

Polydone HTTPS

All data sent to our servers is encrypted over HTTPS.

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