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Smart Kanban

Polydone’s Kanban Board is unique in tracking the progress of every project, and in enabling you to use filters to find exactly the tasks you’re looking for.

Kanban board for Agile Project Management Polydone

Team Capacity

Who’s busy? Who’s not? Who’s working on what and when? Polydone answers all these questions so you can distribute workload evenly and see which client and projects time and money is being spent on.

Reusable Templates

Jumpstart your projects with best practice templates that you can save and reuse across the company. Stay compliant and make sure nothing falls through the cracks with well-defined steps and tasks.

Reusable Templates for Standard Projects Polydone


With Sprints, you can break down monolithic projects into achievable milestones, so you can focus on what’s important now while still monitoring overall progress.

Sprints Project Management Polydone

Schedule Tasks

Schedule tasks on a calendar to plan the week or month ahead, see clearly who's working on what and when, predict when tasks and projects will be completed.

Schedule Calendar Tasks Project Management Polydone

Automatic Timesheets

No need to create them. Polydone generates timesheets automatically in real time as tasks are completed, so no-one has to try to remember what they worked on last week.

Timesheet Generator Project Management Polydone

Accurate Estimates

“Bad estimates and poor tracking are the #1 cause of projects failure”

How often do projects overrun? Too often. The reason is simple: humans find it hard to estimate large tasks accurately. We’re much better at predicting how long smaller tasks will take. That’s why the longest task you can create in Polydone is one day.

By breaking projects down into small pieces, Polydone generates more accurate time estimates. And because it also knows everyone’s availability, Polydone can allocate tasks realistically, making your estimate even more accurate.

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Accurate Project Estimates Polydone

Transparency Throughout

Give everyone a clear view of workload and progress

Resource Management Rota Schedule Polydone

Is there anything more frustrating than not knowing who’s doing what? Without transparency throughout a project, some people get overloaded while others sit expensively idle. And handovers can be a nightmare. It’s a recipe for conflict and frustration.

Polydone shows who’s been assigned which tasks and for when, making everyone’s availability clearly visible. When everyone knows what everyone else is doing, projects run smoothly. Transparent teams are happy teams. And happy teams are productive teams.

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Standards & Compliance

Make sure nothing falls through the cracks

Don’t reinvent the wheel. So many new projects start from scratch, even when they’re similar to the ones before. It’s hugely time-consuming. And those earlier projects can be valuable: full of useful knowledge that’s easily lost.

With Polydone, you turn projects into reusable templates everyone can use. It saves you tons of time and makes estimates more accurate. Plus, if compliance is important, templates standardise your projects and create a clear audit trail.

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Compliance GDPR Project Management Polydone

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