Increase and track your team productivity

Everything you need to plan and manage tasks, projects and people,
from a simple and powerful platform

Polydone Kanban Project Management


Become more efficient by planning tasks on a
Timeline and get accurate Estimates.

Polydone Gantt Chart


Manage your Agile projects visually,
while keeping track of progress automatically.

Polydone Kanban Board


Understand your team performance,
locate pitfalls and increase efficiency.

Polydone Performance Chart


Stay on top of progress across your company
by integrating with the tools your team already uses.

Polydone Integrations


See who’s working on what and when. Plan your tasks for the day.
Avoid being overworked. Reduce standups time.

Polydone Schedule Tasks

Bird’s-eye View

Manage all your Projects from a single Gantt Chart.
Plan ahead, track progress and decrease risk.

Polydone Projects Timeline


Have full visibility over your team performance.
Identify bottlenecks and increase productivity.

Polydone Tasks Analytics


Connect your Projects with GitHub or GitLab.
Track bugs and issues directly from Polydone.

Polydone GitHub GitLab Integrations
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Get notifications in the browser, by email or on Slack.
Stay on top of the most important activity.

Polydone Slack Browser Notifications
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